Sam Reynolds' Brutal Crash on the DarkFEST Course

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It’s hard not to wince while watching Sam Reynolds crash on this behemoth of a trick jump for the 2019 DarkFEST. Apparently, the lip on this thing is about 16-feet tall with an almost 50-foot gap. Just looking at it will make your stomach flip upside down.

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Reynolds was the first to guinea pig the jump, which is always risky. Trying to gauge the speed, he hit the lip too high and was forced to bail. Unfortunately, his left hand and wrist took the blunt force of the crash, and he broke his wrist. Reynolds was rushed into surgery and now has some new hardware. It’s bummer that we won’t be seeing him and his wild antics in this year’s DarkFEST, but hopefully, Reynolds will be back on his bike in no time.

Prior to getting hurt, Reynolds was busy helping the build for the event. Check out the builds, they're ridiculous:

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