Sander Hadley... Rookie Of The Year?

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If anyone is "on one" (as they say) this season as far as skiing in-bounds goes, Idaho native Sander Hadley is the prime candidate. Basing his campaign out of Alta and the mountain's jump-laden Wildcat chair in particular, Sander has been absolutely demolishing natural jumps, hand-drags, tree taps, backflips, nosebutters, stump bonks, and all kinds of other airborne nonsense in Little Cottonwood Canyon whether there's soft snow on the ground or not.

While jibbing in the groomed park is one thing, the game Sander is playing is entirely different. Enjoy a clean in-run to steady yourself before your sweet switch trick? You could always take it a step further by, say, rolling switch through a mogul field in the trees (1:11) before blasting out into space and tapping a tree mid half-cab. No big deal, just a very different approach to skiing than mine, where I struggle to get my skis high enough off the ground to grab them (read: touch them) before hitting the Earth again. Sigh...

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