Screw Slow Mo: Baker Boyd Enjoys Japan in Full Speed

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One of the trends that has arisen in the ski industry over the past few years, as Japan has evolved from "kinda-sorta-hidden-gem" to "top destination for every gaper and their brother," is emergence of the hyper slow-mo saturated Japan edit.

The edits, by and large, tend to follow a pretty formulaic equation: Endless amounts of Japow + gratuitous usage of slow-mo = a video that can allow even the most basic skiers look like pros. But Polartec athlete Baker Boyd isn't for that slow-mo life.

Take your artsy-fartsy slow-mo edit and shove it: Baker Boyd is here to rip. Takanori Ota photo.

As a member of Aspen's infamous crew "The Freaks"–who call themselves "Aspen's fastest skiing gang"–Boyd is all about one thing: hot, bitchin' speed. And during a recent visit to the Land of the Rising Sun to visit Teton Bros co-founder Nori Suzuki and show that the deep stuff looks just as good when it isn't shot at 1,000 fps.

Stop us if you've heard this before: It's deep in Japan. Zach Maraziti photo.

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