Seth Morrison’s Best TGR Segment Ever

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It's no secret that Seth Morrison's fast and aggressive style has been outrageously influential in the skiing world, and that he's had one of the longest careers in freeskiing history (he started in 1992).

Filming with Seth never gets old, even for industry veteran’s Steve and Todd Jones. He's undeniably iconic, he has consistently pushed the limits for 24 years, and his turns alone are capable of mesmerizing viewers (not to mention the huge airs, backflips, and techy lines).

Morrison had a short appearance it TGR’s first film "The Continuum" but had not worked with them for a long time. In 2008, Morrison reached back out to TGR hoping to film with them again. Todd and Steve were beyond thrilled by the opportunity and his segment in "Under the Influence" proved to be an all-time favorite.

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