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Alaska is the place to go.... So that’s what everybody says!!! Hmmmmm .. Well check this out then!

Australia... Austraijalia...Austrialia.... Kangarooos?? Aaaaahhh Austria!!!! Yeah.. That’s a part of Germany huh?? Well those are the questions I normally get from everybody who asks me where I am from. This year I decided again to stay at home and work my way through my homelands with a filmer in my bag. Filmer Christoph Fritschi from Switzerland sounded pretty excited when I told him about the shoot that I had planned.

Last year I took the chance to take a Cessna out and check lines in my home mountains. I had already good experience with that procedure from the Trip I had with TGR to Bella Coola. I mapped all the faces down with GPS and marked the whole area. After last years bad winter I was ready for going big this year.

So we booked the chopper and of we went!! The Alps are a amazing place!! We all knew that. But when we flew around the first corner we couldn’t believe what we saw! Did we fly all the way to AK or where were we?? Spines and faces and everything you want. The snow was like champagne and the light was great. So here are some picks from the shooting day we had.

Photos by: Alex Kaiser -
Filmer: Christoph Fritschi
Rider: Eric Themel

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