Shooting Vermont for Soul Purpose - Blast From The Past Season 2 Episode 6

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Stowe holds a pretty special place in the TGR universe. It’s where all three Jones brothers cut their teeth and got their first taste of powder, an experience that would eventually lead them to the bigger mountains of Jackson Hole, now Todd & Steve’s home. This shoot from 2003’s Soul Purpose was TGR’s first and only film trip back to the East Coast. “It was cool to be able and go stay with my parents and do a film trip back East,” Todd said looking back on the shoot. “And you can never really take the East Coast out of a skier. If you really love skiing and you’ve risen out of the East Coast, you really love skiing. It’s deeply engrained in your soul. I’ve always loved going back to those places and seeing the passion and seeing the locals going bell-to-bell on freezing rain days.”

In this Blast From The Past, Thomas Rinfret, Andy Woods (now the US ski half pipe team coach), and Tanner Rainville ski park jumps and tight pow-choked trees in and around one of Vermont’s most storied ski areas, including what’s likely the only East Coast skiing to be shot from a helicopter.

Feeling the nostalgia bug kick in? Soul Purpose is actually available on DVD in the TGR shop, even though DVDs were still in their infancy back in 2003.

TGR's Blast From The Past web series will take you back in time to revisit some of our favorite film segments from 15 years of action sports filmmaking. From shredding Alaska spines set to Metallica to surfing El Salvador's endless beaches, Blast From The Past is your one stop for TGR's greatest film segments.

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