Slaying Pillow Lines In A Mountain Oasis - Almost Live Season 8 Episode 1

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Well folks its officially that time of year, TGR's still unnamed 21st annual film has been under production since the early days of winter. The first trip of the season was a human-powered trip to Golden Alpine Holidays, a hut located deep in the mountains of British Columbia. After a heli-assisted transfer into the lodge, an all-star crew consisting of Dylan Hood, Lucas Debari, Ian McIntosh, and Johnny Collinson slay pillow lines located only a stone's throw from home base.

Debari makes an excellent point, by isolating themselves from the normal chaos of the frontcountry, the team can focus only on their riding and experience the raw beauty of the mountains surrounding. Something all of us who drives a desk can one day, experience.

Stay tuned as we roll out more episodes of Almost Live Season 8 in the coming weeks, giving you an exclusive look at what to expect in next fall's film.

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