SLC premiere of Light the Wick

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A PACKED house turned up at the U of U for the Light the Wick premiere.

The crowd on the edge of their seats**a packed house in Salt Lake City**

a packed house**fan of all ages there to check out the film**

As in, sold-out packed. Fans of all ages were there to check out the film, get posters signed by Sage, Dash and Todd, and get fired up for ski season.

Sage, Dash and Todd signing for the fans**Sage, Dash and Todd were on hand to sign some posters**

Not to mention a chance to win prizes from TGR's sponsors - including a new pair of Atomic Benchetlers, which were won by a very stoked fan. The audience was definitely on the edge of their seats - it was pretty apparent that the core Utah audience appreciated the incredible steeps that is the Devil's Thumb, and we're pretty sure we saw a few people ducking during Sammy Carlson's 3D segment from Steven's Pass.

Anaglypic 3D in full effect**fans checking out the Stevens Pass segment**

All eyes on Sammy C and the Steven's Pass 3D segment**on the edge of their seats**

Thanks to Sean Sullivan for the great photos.

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