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Snowboarding is a great adventure sport and thanks to some amazing snowboarder, it has gained a special place among the Instagram community.

Social media serves various purposes and is definitely one of the key links between your known and not so known fans. But, not all of us achieve the desired fan following and popularity over the social media platform.

Gladly, these Instagram snowboard accounts are making a real change and define entertainment in a new way. If you are a social bird who is also a fan of snowboarding here are the top 10 Instagram snowboarding accounts:

Sebastian Toutant:

Known by the name Seb Toots, Sebastian Toutant has an astounding fan following with 279k followers. The snowboarder is an Olympic gold medalist with many other accolades under his name. His Instagram profile has some of the mot jaw-dropping jumps which he keeps on updating every week.

The account features a great collection of the snowboarder’s park run and there are several pictures to vouch for his excellence in the game. Besides snowboarding, Sebastian is also fond of travelling, partying and getting new tattoos.

Xavier e le Rue:

A glance to Xavier’s Instagram account will leave you with the desired adrenaline rush. The pictures feature him exploring steep mountain lines, camping on snow clad mountains, and surfing every nook and corner on the surfboard. Boasting the title of Freeride World Champion, Xavier often visits the Antarctica and Alaska.

Elena Height:

Elena Height is the gold medalist of X-Games and one of the most popular snowboard Instagramar. Her account is a collection of her selfies amid the snow and her snowboarding through the slopes of snow laden mountains.

Besides a snowboarder, Elena is also an adventure enthusiasts and an active environmentalist. If you need inspiration for the nature, environment and off course the game of snowboarding, you must follow her interesting account.

Lego Skier Bros:

Known by the Instagram handle @legoskierbro and bio which reads, “I’m pretty much the best skier I know”, Lego Skier Bros is one amazing snowboard Instagram profile.

He has this great charm for the heights which he enhances through his even more interesting hashtags. The skier hails from Aspen, Colorad but is popular all across the world for his unmatchable style of snowboarding.

Scott Stevens:

Scott casts a spell on you when he is on his board. Known for his incredible tricks, the skateboarder has great fan following on Instagram and otherwise.

Snowboarding with obstacles and one footer tricks are the key features of his snowboarding style. The videos and photos on his account are worth every glance.

Kjersti Buaas:

Kjersti’s Instagram profile boasts over 50K followers. She has participated in several world level contests and is known for her slopestyle and halfpipe contests.

She is a freeriding enthusiasts who have been in the field for more than 20 years now. She also organizes her own camp PRSNT today. She is also a promoter of Yoga, meditation, nutrition and environment.

"I use social media as a platform for creativity, where I share company-related and private content and stories. I also work with some non-profit organizations and I feel honored to be a voice for their statements,” is how Kjersti describes how she uses Instagram.

Torah Bright:

She is one go getter and with her profile on Instagram, she allows others to follow suite. He selfies, free-riding videos and photograph are a real inspiration for many aspiring snowboarders.

She has won Olympics and is often spotted surfing with her husband. Her Instagram profile is full of her pictures with a heartfelt laugh which does magic to your mood.

Robin van Gyn:

Robin van Gyn is always in hunt for fresh powder and from his home in Whistler, British Columbia, she does it easily. She has videos of her snowboarding expedition in Alaska, Europe, Japan and South America all over her Instagram account. She is an outdoor person and during the hot months of the year, she can be seen enjoying the nature other way round.

Elias Elhardt:

Snowboarding is life to Elias and through his account on Instagram, he shares it with all. He shares impressive videos and photographs and let others enjoy his passion. He enjoys jumps kickers, spins and rides and is in full action throughout the winter season.

Whether you are looking for your new snowboarding Instagram likes or wondering how can you buy Instagram video views from Famoid? Famoid service provides you with answers to all your questions related to Insta growth. So, log in to your Instagram profile and start following these Instagram accounts to fuel your passion for snowboarding.

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