Snowboarders Attempt Unbelievably Sketchy Line at Alta

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@altaskiarea is for scoochin’ !! This is getting down to the crux!! So hyped for this one!! Ciochetti’s ribbon on the Devils Castle at Alta has been on my hit list forever! Thanks to @wildwildwasatch for coming along and for the belays!!! I was worried I wouldn’t find a partner at first. @croshanemedia said he would go if absolutely no one else would haha I could tell he was pretty pumped that @wildwildwasatch said yes! Cro was just as hyped to wake up at 2am with us and film it long lens and shoot photos of our descent.! thx boys! And thanks to @straightchuter for putting together the chuting gallery! It’s been a wild ride so far!! @rossignol @rossignolfreeride @discrete @girosnow @traegergrills. #scoochersgonnascoooch . . . . #snowboarding #splitboarding #alta #lcc #slc #utah #snow #mountains #mountaineering #sketch #rei #alta #youwont #scary #extreme #gnarly #dontreadmyhashtagsbitch #skiing #climbing

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Knuckledraggers at my Alta?! What’s the world coming to? At this rate we’ll have André instead of Dom Perignon in the Yellowstone Club’s refreshment huts next year! Anti-snowboarder rules notwithstanding, this line would be impressive regardless of the number of waxy planks strapped to your feet. Alta might be closed, but a 626” season means that there’s still plenty of snow up high. And up high is where these guys went, snaking their way through bands of cliffs around the Chuting Gallery. It’s worth noting that despite Alta’s generally unwelcoming attitude towards snowboarders, whoever runs their corporate Instagram account liked the above post.

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Undoubtedly a terrifying line, especially at the tight crux pictured in the first Instagram video. There appears to be a foot-wide ribbon of snow on a high-angle bench above massive exposure. Luckily, the team placed gear for protection in case of a fall.

Props to the intrepid adventurers, but we’ll look elsewhere for our late-season turns.

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