Snowboarding A Vacant Resort is the "Perfect Playground"

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Abandoned places have a eerie quality to them. These locations once held an energy and life all their own, memories were made, and lives were lived. Now these shells of their former glory provide a ghostly reminder of what was. This type of location provided the backdrop of one particularly memorable segment of TGR's Almost Ablaze, when Joss Christensen went to Sarajevo to ski the remains of an old olympic venue.

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In the Soča valley in the far north-west of Slovenia lies the now defunct Kanin Ski Resort. In its prime it was known for its alpine beauty, long winters, and plentiful snowfall. After falling on difficult economic times it closed, leaving the shell of a resort in its wake. This ghost resort became the "perfect playground" for a group of snowboarders creative enough to see its potential.

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