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First of all SKOGEN SPRANG rules! thanks to TGR and VOLKL for sending him to us to help out with the premiere. without his help the shows would have definitely not gone as smoothly and would not have been as much fun. SAN DIEGO rules! LOS ANGELES rules! SANTA BARBARA rules! and now the whole way to SAN LUIS OBISPO and it rules too! 2nd off - good thing i got a shower cause the boys were starting to wonder about this STINKY MOUNTAIN BOY SNOWBOARDER from WYOMING. washed my socks, got a shower, did the shows. shouts out to all the crews - THE SWEATSHOP UNION for the opening acts, BEN, BRIAN & EVERYONE @ VASENTERTAINMENT for the shots and all the booze cause you guys got me drunk and i am sure my head hurts as much as yours does right now, SWOLLEN MEMBERS needs a hurrah for hanging tight and playing the show heavy and keeping it cool - so here's to us and here's to them!

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