SOLD OUT at Highline Ballroom in New York City!

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The vibe continues to grow as the awareness of TGR's pursuits dawn on Gotham City. The line formed early outside the front of Highline Ballroom with stoke thirsty TGR followers looking to get a crack at the 500 FREE lift tickets for Mt. Snow Resort in Vermont. As 7pm drew near, the line meandered its way all the way down to the corner of 16th and 9th Ave! The doors finally opened and the floodgates were released into the venue. Fans filled out their Grand Prize Entry Forms in a frenzy and took home signed posters from Dylan Hood and grasped at free swag from TGR sponsors and vendors. The bittersweet call came at around 8pm, when the walls were practically bursting at the seems and it was declared SOLD OUT and no more tickets could be sold even though some were still trying to purchase. NYC, thank you and we hear you! We promise we'll have a bigger venue for you for next year -- you deserve it!

Special Thanks to The NYC Ski Council, EMS, Mount Snow, Emilio’s Ski Ship, Urban Sherpa, Tepper & Pippin Inc

Photos: Dave Tepper and Stephan Gelb

Huge line down the street in NYC

**The line outside the venue indicated this was going to be a big show.**

The line went for hundreds of feet down to the corner of 9th Ave!

**People lined up for blocks to get some winter stoke.**

Huge crowd**The Highline Crowd getting ready for the show.**

SOLD OUT crowd at Highline Ballroom

**Everyone loved Re:Session**

The crowd goes wild in NYC

**High Stoke from the audience.**

A happy ski winner!

** A stoked fan wins a pair of skis!**

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