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Some things start with the simplest idea, for us it was seeing our stickers, the iconic snocat sticker on cars in parking lots at some of our favorite mountain bike spots in the Northwest. It was at that point when a friend said to me, "I see a lot of Spacecraft stickers here" right before we started our pedal. It was on that same ride that the ideas started swirling. I then realized we as a company spend a lot of time in the saddle, we are based in Bellingham WA one of the most thriving MTB culture centers in the country, if not world. We are surrounded by bike brands and media here, so that furthered my thought process about Spacecraft MTB.

I knew we could do something here, but we had to Spacecraft the shit out of it in order to make it work, meaning we could not be a cookie cutter brand with a bunch of vapid moto inspired looking stuff that looks homogenous, we need to clearly stand out, it has to have art appeal to it I said to myself. We had to be the opposite of "enduro" and become "UnDuro". Well what sort of art would work, as there is so much art out there it was hard to choose a style of art. I started looking at the one place art lives, instagram, and almost immediate I came across one of Paris' photos in my feed, it was a photo of some wood coasters that featured some of his photos on them, which got me thinking that photos would be the ultimate art for our idea.

Paris lived with one of our snow team riders, Eric Jackson, here in Bellingham so I reached out to him. At the time I had the concept of what I wanted to do pretty dialed, feature his photos on our products. He and I spoke about it, and immediately the stoke ran high and the ideas started to click. So we set up our first crowd sourced focus group to go over initial designs at Kulshan Brewing, the turn out was pretty astounding, our little focus group filled up an entire brewery and the feedback we received was amazing. So amazing we held three more feedback groups from people within the community, making the line our first fully crowd source line.

Fast forward to 2018 and we are launching this new Spacecraft x Paris Gore line of products this May, the results have been amazing and the support from the bike world has been downright epic. For year one we are keeping it simple, launching with Jerseys, Tees, Caps and accessories, all based around Paris' art. We are evenly splitting our categories at a 50% men's and 50% women's style ratio.

We are stoked to be partnered with such a talented person such as Paris, he brings such a great level of stoke and has been tirelessly involved in the development of his pieces.

We know this is our first year and we have a motto here, Spacecraft - Never Perfect. We are a consumer facing brand and love your feedback and welcome it

Chad Perrin

Brand Director



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