St Pattys in the Hole

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St. Patricks Day in Teton Village was off the hook. The Jackson Hole Freeskiing Open brought out all the looky-loos as the competitors slayed the course. Some of us took a journey out to St. Pattys Couloir to get a taste of Irish skiing. When all said and done everyone redezvous-ed back at the Village Cafe for an all out spring break rager. It almost felt like the last day but thankfully we still have few weeks.

** Whats up sunburn**

** Important safety sign**

** Looking into Once is Enough**

** St. Pattys Coolie**

** Inside the coolie**

** WARNING!! Oversized roller ball. **

** Dom loves big parties at the Village Cafe.**

** Party time.**

** TGR office posse in the mix**

** Well hello sweet thing**

** Dudie gives her a thumbs up.**

** Hot pants**

** Looks like she gets a thumbs up too!**

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