Stab Mag Flew an Illegal Drone to Capture Footage of the WSL's Wave Pool Event

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If you have been following the Stab Mag crew the past couple days, you know those guys have been using some hard-hitting journalism to learn everything they could about the "secret" event at Kelly Slater's wave pool. It has been the worst kept secret that the best surfers in the world were going to descend on the wave pool for a test event after Trestles. This was confirmed yesterday morning when Kelly Slater announced on Facebook Live that it was on. Press were not allowed in and the event would not be broadcasted live like other WSL events.

The staff at Stab descended on Lemoore, California, the small farming town where the wave pool is located, with a crane and a drone and captured the following video. Up until now, we have not really seen the beast in its totality. It's an incredible feat of engineering, with what looks like a train flying down a massive pool. The footage from the WSL is also incredible but doesn't show the scope of the actual facility. The surf world is now left to ponder what the hell this means for the future of the sport.

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