Start Your Friday Off With Some John Jackson Pow Shredding

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There are few riders in snowboarding who exude the effortless style of John Jackson.

The dreadlocked older half of the Jackson brothers (his younger brother Eric is a fellow pro snowboarder) lives by a simple motto of "life first, money second" and spends most of his days trekking around the Sierra Nevada fishing, searching for untouched powder and generally bringing a smile to the faces of those that he meets.

It's this natural magnetism that persuaded Red Bull to give Jackson his own web series "The Book of John J," which operates on a pretty loose and basic concept: Follow Jackson around the world as he shreds with other pros.

The results are electric, and as seen in Red Bull's newest clip "A Winter Chasing Powder with John Jackson," even the footage that's left on the cutting room floor is pretty jaw-dropping.

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