Summer Is Great, but Winter Owns Our Hearts

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Ah, July. Halfway to winter. It snowed in the Tetons on Sunday, so to say we're dreaming of snow here at TGR is a gross understatement. We're practically foaming at the mouth for it, and this beautiful film certainly didn't help that. Jesse Hoffman's "The Process" will leave you 100% wishing it were winter.

Why do we go to the mountains? There are reasons that reach beyond the climb, past the descent, and are far more important than the summit.

Seems as if there have been a lot of "What to Professional Skiers Do In Summer?" posts floating around in the last month. Sure, skiers get outside during the summer. We stay busy. Bust mostly... we're dreaming of that first powder day, even though it's still months away (unless you're in the southern hemisphere, and you're getting dumped on. Kudos to you.).

"I go to the mountains to restore a feeling of peace," the narrator says. "You get caught up in the daily... and for me, I need something to re-center."

He's hit that nail on the head. There are few things as sobering as standing on the side of the mountain and looking out at the vast expanse of sky and snow before you.

"Regardless of the grade, the elevation, or the name of any peak, we go to the mountains seeking a feeling; and no matter where or who we are, the feeling is the same. Whether you’re on the highest mountain in the world or at your local hill back home – we go for The Process."

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