Surf Instructor Under Scrutiny After Venice Beach Leash Pull

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"We are filing a police report now that we have more footage from another vantage point.”

An incident occurred in the surf on Wednesday at Venice Beach. A female surfer, Danielle Lyons, who is a member of the all girls surf club “Black Girls Surf” had her leash yanked by surf instructor Wagner Lima, owner of the Brazilian Surf Club. In the video posted by the Black Girls Surf Club Facebook page, it appears Wager dropped in late and then decided to yank the chain on Lyon’s longboard like he was starting a lawnmower.

Danielle Lyons took to Yelp and wrote:

"I was surfing at Venice Beach pier with a friend for over an hour, all the locals were super chill and friendly sharing waves all morning until Wagner showed up and decided to be a bully.

I was up and riding on the peak and he decides to try to block me, so I turned around him, then he drops in behind me and pulls my leash causing me to fall. Not only is what he did super dangerous, it’s assault. If I was a novice surfer I could have knocked my teeth out.

In all my years of surfing I’ve never been attacked unprovoked like this. I gave this guy every opportunity not to be a dick, hell I even gave him room to share if he was that hard up for a two foot wave.

I’m not sure if this was localism, racism or sexism there were two black women in the line up and he targeted me for whatever reason."

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