Surfing to Live - NRS Films Present "The Coast"

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Skip Armstrong is one of the great storytellers in the outdoor world. In The Coast he explores the mind of Hayden Peters, a man who is told that rare genetic disorder might only give he months to live. During three months of waiting for test results Peters wrestles with demons from his childhood and the harsh realities that he now faces. The whole experience for him is horrifying as he confronts what very well could be the end of his life.

Hayden felt himself naturally drawn to the coast and the ocean showcased in the short by him literally sprinting to the water. The ocean shows him his true, vulnerable self, and he soon realizes the amount of time that he has to live is irrelevant. It is what he does with his time interacting with the ocean that is important. In the end Skip Armstrong directs a hauntingly beautiful short that leaves you slightly changed at the end of six minutes.

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