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After spending fifteen years exploring the peaks of Alaska, Jones began searching for something different in 2009. In an attempt to explore new territory—and a new means of accessing it—he partnered with a team of veteran riders that included Tom Burt, Johan Oloffson, Travis Rice, and Jonaven Moore. Yet despite their collective experience, these riders were filled with uncertainty. Never before had they accessed and ridden such remote and challenging terrain without the aid of a helicopter.

Once dropped fifty miles from civilization in the Fairweather Range of Alaska, the crew’s objectives quickly shifted. Rather than focusing on exploring new terrain by foot, the group aimed to simply survive a threatening storm. In addition to bringing an abundance of snow and wind, the twelve-day storm brought ample challenges for the boys—including the need to ration food and avoid cabin fever while trapped inside their tents. Once the storm ended, however, they quickly made up for lost time through the intensity of their riding.

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