Taghee Super Sessions

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We finally got the Grand Targhee633461217712087500.jpg project off the ground. We woke in the morning to a foot of fresh snow. Sage, Marc Andre, and Sammy shredded pow lines while Wiley, Taylor and Dylan put the fine tune on the jumps. The Rock Chuck feature was super cool and had a ton of pop to it. Everyone got a bunch of great shots. We eventually made our way over to jump 2 and a last minute unplanned session went down in the weaning hours of daylight.

We had a full 16 hour day and everyone was super fulfilled and tired. Targhee is truly unlike any other mountain we have built features on.

633461217720368750.jpgYou can basically ride lines into the in run of the jumps if you want. Sammy and Taylor have been scoping a bunch of other semi natural jibs we are going to work. I love the backyard and am stoke to have all the boys up to session in it. We are looking at a day of weather and then some bluebird for the rest of the week. Targhee Sunsets are magic. Until you experience one first hand you can never grasp their glow.

Here Dylan Hood gets a uniques perspective on the GheeSunset Madness

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