Ten Minutes of Straight Bangers from Kimbosessions

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Kimbosessions is one of the most progressive events in skiing. The incredible roster of athletes, creatively constructed park, and low-pressure attitude combine to produce a weeklong session unlike any other. The park lends itself to stylish and unconventional skiing, and therefore attracts stylish and unconventional skiers (The Bunch, Keeshlife, etc...).

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This video, released by HARLAUTtv, cuts through the fluff and gets straight to the action. The ten minutes are almost entirely composed of tricks, bangers all. From Colby Stevenson's cork-5 into nosebutter-7 (0:37) to Alex Hackel's dub-7 (9:35), it's a nonstop barrage of top-tier skiing. The craziest part? This was filmed in a single day.

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