Teton Gravity Research offsets 100% of Re:Session's carbon footprint

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Teton Gravity Research offsets 100% of Re:Session's carbon footprint

JACKSON, WY (April 20, 2010) - Jackson Hole based Teton Gravity Research provided funds to the national environmental organization, Protect Our Winters (POW) to offset 200 tons of CO2 accumulated during the production of this year’s award-winning film, “Re:Session.” Teton Gravity Research is setting the bar by being the first action sports production company to offset its total carbon emissions from a film production.

The film crew and athletes generated carbon emissions through time on airplanes, helicopters, snow machines and automobiles during the 09/10 filming season. The funds will be redirected towards permanently protecting forest in California’s Humboldt County and the credits are verified by the Climate Action Reserve Conservation-Based Forest Management Protocol 2.1.

"TGR uses offsets as just one part of our commitment to the environment and we continue to look at other areas to make our business more sustainable. We hope all the influential film companies in the industry will consider the environment when planning and making their films", said Steve Jones, Founder, TGR

“POW is proud of our continuing partnership with TGR. They understand that offsets are just part of a responsible corporate environmental strategy and have recognized efficiencies throughout their company to address their overall carbon footprint”, said Chris Steinkamp, Executive Director of POW.

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