TGR Athlete Instagram Photos - Feb. 17, 2012

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If you have an iPhone then you probably have Instagram, the easy to use photo app that allows you to warp ordinary images into creative new pictures and share them with friends. It’s great. With about 15 million users, it's becoming an increasingly popular social network that, for now, is available on the iPhone only. Many of the TGR athletes use the app daily. Below are some of our favorite TGR athlete Instagram photos from the past week that we've put here for you to see in a larger format. If you like what you see, check back for a galleries of the best TGR athlete Instagram images and stay up to date with their whereabouts as they travel the world sharing life instantly.This week, check out photos by Shroder Baker, Griffin Post, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Callum Pettit, Chris Benchetler, Daron Rahlves, Forrest Shearer, Erik Roner and Tim Durtschi.

Erik Roner is in Haines, AK. Follow him @ErikRoner. Last minute hand job before I leave for Alaska. Next stop Haines, Alaska. It's good to be back... ___________________________________________________ Griffin Post is in Valdez, AK. Follow him @GriffPost Alcan, mile 0. Home for the next few months. Valdez. Yup. _____________________________________________________ Sage is everywhere! But mostly in AK. Or skiing somewhere else that's super sick. Follow him @sageca Coasting in to Alaska again... Big travel day for me, woke up in jh, drove to SLC, flew to ANC. But that's nothing... Take a look at cap Cook's voyages on the wall behind me, that dude had some harrowing travels. And the boys, @timdurtschi @dlonge and Dylan hood drove up from the lower 48 sleds in tow! Thanks boys!! Mr plow that's his name, his name again it's mr plow. Kramer boosts first hit on a perfect day in Idaho while prospecting at the super sick secret Smith send-it spot Meet Chainsaw. He's not impressed. ______________________________________________________ Follow Forrest Sheare @ForrestShearer: Rainier. Rad cover #japanair. Good style. __________________________________________________ Tim Durtschi is in Alaska. Follow him @TimDurtschi Liard hot springs #hotsprings #cold. 3000 mile drive to #alaska and I consumed a few beverages. @dustin0 going for a hot lap #snowmachine #anchorage. ___________________________________________________ Chris Benchetler is pretty good at Instagram. Follow him @chrisbenchetler My uncle hoggin all the pow in his beard... About to be reunited with Lincoln mt. My favorite place to be @mammothmountain. _____________________________________________________ Callum Pettit takes good photos. Follow him @killahcal Sunrise in the promise land. Ridin dirty! Dave, Ian, and joe on top soon about to taste the candy! _____________________________________________________ Daron Rahlves is in California. Follow him @DaronRahlves Bibby about to drop GH2. Bibby blowing it up. Smokey. __________________________________________________ Shroder Baker is crushing it in Wyoming. Follow him @Shroder

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