TGR Athletes Send It Into Corbet's Couloir

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Corbet's Couloir is often named as North America's most iconic and difficult inbounds ski run. The jewel of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, it appears ominously to anyone riding the famous red box to the top of Rendezvous Peak.

First skied by local ski patroller Lonnie Ball in 1967, it has since become the benchmark of which all Jackson skiers compare themselves.

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During one day in 2011, a crew of athletes, the youngest only 13, took to Corbet’s Couloir to film a segment for TGR’s The Dream Factory.

What occurred was uniquely Jackson Hole, and uniquely TGR, with athletes from the old and newschool showcasing what makes Corbet's so timeless. With a new generation proving themselves and the old guard standing their ground, this day will remain in TGR's collective conscious forever.

Find out what went into filming the session.

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