TGR in Antarctica !!

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TGR ticked off another first in our long list of things we have been lucky enough to do. We had a film premiere of ANOMALY on the South Pole. TGR fan and friend, Emrys Hall, set up a special event for the hard working crew at ARO (atmospheric research observatory). It is run by Emrys and a coworker for NOAA studying long term trends in CO2 and monitoring the ozone hole among many other things. When he last checked in with us he mentioned the temp was -76F which was a lot warmer than the -95F a few weeks before. The crew was stoked to see ANOMALY and take a break from their 9 month lock down on the continent of Antarctica. They say it has to be an annual event from here on out!

** ARO station with the Aurora Borealis**

** Emrys at the geographic South Pole **

** Emrys and his favorite snowmobile**

** ANOMALY premiere crowd**

** The ride off the island**

** South Pole**

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