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March 5th, 2009 - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Teton Gravity Research is proud to announce a partnership with Jeremy Jones on a two-year snowboard project titled Deeper. The legendary eight-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year winner has been working with TGR since its inception in 1996. Jones and the TGR Team have spent the last 15 years pioneering first descents in remote mountain ranges around the world and documenting them on film. "We started the company in the mountains and we have always stayed true to the big mountain side of the sport when the rest of the world was moving in a different direction. This collaborative film effort with Jeremy will be the first of its kind; a pure riding film made deep in the mountains," says TGR co- founder Todd Jones.

Jeremy and many other top freeriders including Jonaven Moore, Travis Rice and Xavier De La Rue will travel to remote ranges around the world as they attempt to push Big Mountain Riding to the next level.

"It will take my lifetime of experience in the mountains to achieve this goal and I am looking forward to being outside my comfort zone once again," says Jeremy. It is hard to imagine what Jones' considers being "outside his comfort zone" when you take into account his lifetime of living on the edge, but Deeper will put the viewer in his shoes and document that mission.

The film is a two-year project and is slated for release in the fall of 2010. "We are focusing on the hard to reach zones that are not accessible by helicopters, ski lifts and snow machines. We will be trekking deep into the mountains and spending days living in snow caves and tents at the base of some of the true gems that have eluded me for so long. We need two years to do this film right and get the lines we want on film" says Jones.

Deeper will showcase the most progressive freeriding in the world today, from the world's top snowboarders. "We hope to inspire people to go beyond what has been done and what other people are doing. To look beyond the edge and discover what is possible." says TGR co-Founder Steve Jones.

Chris Edmunds, director of the snowboard film My Own Two Feet, will join the team as Jeremy's full time cinematographer and co-producer of the film. "Chris is one of the strongest guys I have ever been in the mountains with. He can get to places very few people can and does it with a camera," says Jeremy. Deeper's location will require unprecedented commitment from the production team to get to remote locations. The production crew will use solar chargers and state of the art technology to allow the crew to spend days away from the comforts of modern society.

Teton Gravity Research is one of the fastest growing brands in the action sports industry. Founded in 1996, TGR has produced 18 award winning feature length films, numerous television series for Showtime, NBC, Fox Sports, and Fuel TV, and is known for its cutting edge media and lifestyles clothing line. TGR films showcase the world’s top snowboard, ski and surf athletes including Jeremy Jones, Ian Walsh, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, and Seth Morrison. TGR is a proud member of 1 Percent for the Planet and strongly believes in protecting the environment in which the team works and plays. has become one of the leading online destinations and communities in the action sports industry.

For more information contact:
Steve Jones:, phone 307-734-8192 ext.13

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