TGR Tees Off At Teton Pines

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September 17, 2011 Doing the bull dance. Feeling the flow. Workin' it. Workin' it. Teton Pines Country Club hosted the 12th annual TGR Tee Off golf tournament Friday. The event was part of a week of festivities leading up to the world premiere of Teton Gravity Research's newest film, "One For The Road." In the afternoon TGR athletes, staff and sponsors took to the course inteams of fourto play a scramble under a golden, fall sky. Photographer Greg Von Doersten was there to capture the drives, chips, putts, slices, hooks and high-fives. Click through for photos of the shenanigans. **Dave Hudacsko explains the rules of the 12th annual TGR Tee Off to TGR founder Steve Jones, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Erik Roner and the rest of the TGR crew.****Dash Longe tees off with stellar form.****Dash Longe, Steve Jones and Penn Newhard enjoy a day at the Pines.****Dana Flahr and Ian McIntosh love wackin' balls in the Tetons.****TGR is at the forefront of the big mountain free golfing scene.****Shroder Baker drives one home.****Dustin Handley spends more time in the water than David Hasselhoff.****Dave Hudacsko, Matt Herriger, Adam Clark and Griffin Post enjoy fresh greens.****Sage is pumped to be golfing with J.J. of Atomic Skis, TGR founder Todd Jones and TGR editor Blake Campbell.****Driving golf carts is half the fun.****Yeah we brought fireworks.****A few awards.** **The grand prize trophy. Getting your name on this thing is quite a challenge.****J.K. won the "Biggest Hack" award. Much like the grand prize trophy, this, too, is a challenge to win.****Because winning is all that matters: The 2011 TGR Tee Off champions are John Jennings, Anne Frost, Jeff Wogoman and Shelly Jones. The team finished two strokes under par for the win.**

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