Story by Tyler Macleod 2019.04.10

TGR Tested: Arbor Iguchi Pro Split

This is a great option for the backcountry rider who needs a stiff board geared toward seeking out deep turns. - Tyler Macleod

Arbor Iguchi Pro Split
Tested by: Tyler Macleod

For nearly 25 years, Arbor Snowboards has remained committed to environmentally conscious products, constructing boards and gear that promote their eco-minded roots in both the visual and technical departments. The newly updated Iguchi Pro Split embodies and extends this mission, combining sustainable practices and design with the clean graphics and finishing touches that only Bryan Iguchi himself could conceptualize. And just like the legend it’s named after, the Iguchi Pro Split is a touring rig geared toward aggressive backcountry riding while still maintaining the freestyle spirit that energized his career many moons ago. There’s no promise that strapping into this board will help you keep up with Guch, but hey, it’s definitely a step (or turn) in the right direction.



Incorporating Arbor’s signature System Camber profile, the Iguchi Pro Split possesses a truly unique feel and ride underfoot, which is immediately observed upon first strapping in. This parabolic camber design features Arbor’s Uprise Fenders, which raises the contact points at both the nose and tail of the board at three-degree angles. The result is a less catchy board that eases in and out of turns, yet still holds an edge thanks to the inclusion of Arbor’s Grip-Tech along the perimeter. These additional contact points along the toe and heels edges allow the board to still bite the snow, while also providing additional traction when ascending up the skin track. Combine this all into a directional outline that includes 1cm of taper, and the end result is a board built for seeking out steep and deep lines.


While the spooned base beneath the nose and tail made for loose and forgiving turn initiation, the Iguchi Pro is by no means a noodle. In fact, tester Tyler Macleod found this to be one of the stiffer and more aggressive splitboards that he’s strapped into, commenting that it was most adept in high speed situations. “It wanted to charge,” he said. “Very stiff and extremely damp, so if you like making large, fast turns in the backcountry, this rig is for you.” It isn’t a board that is very quick edge to edge, but instead prioritizes hard charging in deep snow conditions. With the mellow taper and intuitive Uprise Fenders, it truly is a deck that puts the constant search for pow turns above all else.

Photo by: Eric Parker
Photo by: Eric Parker
Photo by: Eric Parker

Who is it for?

To put it plainly, the Iguchi Pro Split is not for the faint of heart. While the raised contact points do make for easier turn initiation and a more catch-free ride, it’s not a board that you can be off your game on. Still, this isn’t a knock on the Iguchi Pro whatsoever. Rather, it’s genuine praise for a board that can cater to the confident and hard-charging rider who constantly views the backcountry with an aggressive, freestyle-tinged outlook. For those who admire Bryan Iguchi’s riding, and yearn to follow in his skin tracks, you’ve come to the right place.

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