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The stoke is high in the TGR office right now. Our new film Almost Ablaze just won IF3's "Film of the Year" in the Pro Division and the new guy, Nick McNutt also won "Rookie of the Year". To celebrate we are dropping the official TGR's Almost Ablaze Soundtrack as a Spotify playlist. Be sure to check out TGR's Almost Ablaze on tour this fall. Enjoy!

Intro to Angel Collinson “Dawn Red” Performed by Etto Green

Angel Collinson “One” Performed by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Light Dose (Sage) “Deer-Ree-Shee” Performed by The Black Angels

Jackson Hole “No Sugar In My Coffee” Performed by Caught A Ghost

Tim Durtschi "Say My Name (Featuring Zyra)” Performed by ODESZA

Italy Part 1 “Tumbling Dice” Performed by The Rolling Stones

Italy Part 2 “S4” Performed by Breton

Mt. Moran “Armida” Performed By Lust For Youth

Revelstoke Part 1 “Faded” (ODESZA Remix) Performed by Zhu

Dane Tudor “Everybody Knows” Performed by Iska Dhaaf

Bosnia “Alarm” Performed by Wise Blood

Intro to France “Memories That You Call” Performed by ODESZA

La Grave “Outta My Mind” Performed by STRNGRS

Sage & Dana “Shruggy Ji” Performed by Red Baraat

Nick McNutt “Take Me To Church” Performed by Hozier

Selkirk Tangiers “ifuckingloveyou” Performed by Big Black Delta

Credits “North Side Gal” Performed by JD McPherson

Spotify Link here.

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