The Best Cars For Your Surf Trip

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Taking an epic surf trip is a right of passage that no amateur surfer can afford to miss out on, but too many of today’s young, aspiring wave riders are having their trips spoiled by shoddy vehicles. The right car can make all the difference in the world when it comes to ensuring the success of a righteous surf trip, and you can’t afford to skimp out on the cost when it comes to your pair of wheels.

These are some of the best cars that you can rely on for your upcoming surf trip, and the key tips you should keep in mind before taking a road trip with your fellow surfers in tow.

Understanding what you’ll need to succeed

First and foremost, let’s cover the basic essentials that you’ll need for an epic surf trip. Unless you want your trip to come to an early close because your ride dies out on you, you’ll obviously need a pair of wheels that can make the long trek to and from the beach. More importantly, however, you’ll need a durable ride that can endure the rugged sands of wind-swept beaches without losing its stride. Your car will be utterly filled with sand and other beach debris by the end of any good surf trip, so a clunker that’s barely hanging on won’t cut it.

That’s why surfers should check out a list of rides most commonly used for off-roading summer adventures, which will prove to be more alike to your upcoming surf trip than you realize. Your trip will necessitate a vehicle that can endure rugged rocks and damp surfaces, and the ocean spray will constantly be tearing away at the exterior of your car. An off-roading jeep is ideal, then, because of how astonishingly endurable they can be on both the outside and the inside.

That latter part is incredibly important; any surf trip will likely decimate the inside of your vehicle, filling it to the brim with sand and travel supplies. Any easy-to-clean car is essential, then, unless you want to spend the days after your trip cleaning in utter regret. Large, interior spaces, then, are ideal for any surfing trip; for larger groups especially, you’ll need plenty of room for storage of people and boards alike. That’s why you should take a look at the world’s most popular surf van, an excellent example of the storage capacity you’ll need for a trip jam-packed with awesome surfing memories.

If you’re looking to buy or rent a new vehicle for an upcoming trip, it’s important you take in mind what kind of passengers you’ll be transporting, too. Kids demand a world of safety measures, for instance, and animals will require a car that can accommodate their specific needs. You can find Toronto dealers car rental Toronto that make the perfect surfing vehicles. Larger vans are excellent for furry friends, and easier than most other vehicles to clean out in the event of an untimely accident, something you’ll need to consider if you’ll be spending a long time on the road or at the beach.

Take a hint from the classics

If you’re really looking to embark on a great surf trip that’s sure to generate memories that will last for a lifetime, you’ll want to learn a lesson or two from the surfers who have gone before you. After all, countless road trips have occurred across America’s vast asphalt roadways, and there are many tidbits of useful information that can be gleamed by studying the old-fashioned ways of surfing.

The classic VW bus is perhaps the most iconic surfing vehicle of all time, for instance, and demonstrates many of the key characteristics your new car will need if it’s to meet all of your needs on a long trip. These aged beauties are tremendously spacious and beach-ready, and were staples of the age when surfing went from a relatively unknown hobby to a massive sport with fans across the globe. Compare the rides you’ve been considering to such staples as the VW bus to see if your choice would make your surfing precursors proud.

Before we finish up, however, it’s important that younger surfers in particular understand the perils that come with picking a car for a road trip, especially if it’s a rental. You need to learn how to deal with rental companies, which furnish many cars for surf trips these days, if you don’t want your trip to be spoiled by unexpected fees or an unreliable lemon. Keep the basics we’ve covered in mind, however, and you’ll have a great car for a surfing trip in no time.

You’ll need a durable, comfortable, and spacious ride to facilitate a surf trip worth remembering. Don’t forget the key tips we’ve covered, and allow yourself plenty of room for unexpected travelers to join you, and you’ll soon be enjoying the surf trip of a lifetime in the best vehicle for the job.

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