The DC Team Shows the Proper Way to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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Look, there are a multitude of ways you can choose to celebrate–some slightly more culturally insensitive than others–but if you're looking for the best way to celebrate, look no further than the example put forth by the DC Snowboarding team.

In the final episode of this season of "Transitors," the DC guys head to Mammoth Mountain for some classic May park laps on Cinco de Mayo. The edit is filled with some of the usual suspects–guys like Sebbe de Buck and Iikka Backstrom–throwing an absolute beatdown on the park, but also includes some wonderful cameos like Snowboarder honcho Pat Bridges tossing one of his patented handplants at the park. Given the fact that Mammoth just announced it will be staying open until at least June 17th this season, you have plenty of time to follow the DC team's lead if you're feeling so inclined.

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