The Fifty Ep.11: Cody Takes Some Giant Steps

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It's hard to say that any of the 50 descents in 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America are easy. If you had to choose one to call "easy" though, you definitely wouldn't pick this one. In this episode, Cody and Bjarne are joined by snowboarder Nick Russell and author Nate Greenberg on their attempt to climb and then ski the Giant Steps Couloir on Mt. Williamson, the lower-48's sixth-tallest summit.

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Cody makes some high-altitude turns on Mt. Williamson. @n8greenberg photo.

The team maintains an upbeat attitude throughout their climb and descent in the Eastern Sierra, but it's clear that this was no piece of cake. However, despite the trials and tribulations, the struggle was worth it. As Russell says, "How amazing does something have to be so that you can have the longest, most brutal day of your life, ride something where if you fall you'll probably die, in variable snow, and it still be the best day ever?" Pretty amazing, we're guessing.

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