The Fifty Ep.13: The Landry Line on Colorado's Pyramid Peak

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This installment of The Fifty might be the most hair-raising to date. The Landry Line on Colorado's 14,025-foot Pyramid Peak is steep, exposed, and hard to access, well-deserving of its reputation as one of the state's premier test pieces. Luckily, Cody and Bjarne were able to recruit the help of two locals: Pete Gaston, a randonee racer, and Penn Newhard, who coauthored the book which inspired the project.

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Cody performs some boot surgery atop Pyramid Peak.

This line was filmed in early April, shortly after Colorado experienced one of its most dangerous avalanche cycles in recent memory. Massive debris fields and numerous downed trees in the valley below Pyramid Peak drive home the importance of choosing the right moment to ski a line as potentially consequential as the Landry Line.

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