The Fifty Ep.9: Townsend vs. Alaska's Pontoon Peak

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Cody Townsend and Bjarne Salen's The Fifty is one of the most realistic and uncompromising depictions of ski mountaineering in recent memory. Previous episodes haven't shied away from discussions of the risk-reward balance which all big mountain skiers must consider, and the most recent episode is no exception.

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Alaska: The land of exposure. Bjarne Salen photo.

Victories come in many different forms. In the perilous world of steep skiing, coming home unscathed is the highest form of victory. As Cody says, "Goal #1: Be safe, Goal #2: Have fun, Goal #3: Ski all 50." While we'd all love to see the project complete, it's not worth risking lives over. Thanks to Cody and company for encouraging conservative decision-making in heavy backcountry terrain!

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