The Future Of Aerial Cinematography?

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When Steve and Todd Jones launched TGR in 1995, they understood the importance of fueling innovation in how actions sports were filmed from the air. Now, nineteen years later a new revolution in aerial filming is emerging. Recently, Squadrone System debuted the Hexo+, a completely autonomous drone that follows and films you with the help of a smartphone app. The Hexo+ is the brainchild of big mountain snowboarder Xavier De La Rue. This drone aims to address the challenges that stem from capturing high quality aerial footage. With a team that includes both pro action-sport athletes and aeronautical engineers, the company set out to develop this machine. What they created is truly amazing—a drone that flies and follows you. The implications for both professional videographers and amateur POV junkies are huge. We can’t wait to see these enter the general public and watch the explosion of creativity all across the interweb.

What’s also incredible about this project is the amount of support that the team at Hexo+ has received. The team launched a Kickstarter campaign in early June with the modest goal of raising $50,000. The money would then go to build the first batch of drones. As of today, the crew has currently raised over $1,096,789—an incredible feat. What this shows is that there’s a real demand for this type of product in the outdoor action-sports sphere. Perhaps we’re just a year or two off from spotting average outdoor enthusiasts with their own drowns buzzing around them at the mountain or on the river. To learn more about Hexo+ and to learn how you can order your own drone, check out its Kickstarter here. But you better hurry--the campaign ends in just one week.

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