The Last Frontier Of Jibbing - TGR Hits Anchorage, AK

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Once again shipping off to Alaska, the TGR crew opts for a change of pace and sets up in the city of Anchorage for an urban jib mission. New to the TGR family, skiers Cam Riley and Clayton Vila surveyed the city over this past weekend for potential features. Anchorage being enormously well endowed with snow this season made many usually un-hittable features possible.Getting busted by various authoritative figures seemed to be the running trend early in the week. Anchorage police, airport police, municipal authority, the crew saw it all. Being kicked out of four separate locations was a frustrating start to the trip. Reconvening, we set out with a more minimalist filming/setup approach to cut down on time spent on location. Our strategy proved to be beneficial and have had no more busts since. Especially rewarding was one particular zone in a public park that the crew had previously visited two times and failed both due to authorities. But the third time we returned, we succeeded without a hitch.Cam and Clayton have been throwing down creative urban lines the entire trip, successfully logging multiple banger hits. To top it all off, the film crew received a pleasant surprise in the mail — a RED EPIC camera. This new toy will allow us to film at a higher frame-rate in a higher resolution. The whole crew is eager to shoot the EPIC alongside our RED SCARLET for the rest of the trip.Yesterday we got out of Anchorage for the first time and set out to a desolate Alaska port town. Clayton walked away with a creative double-stager feature shot in the bag. The riders have two more days in Anchorage and are hoping to conquer as many hits as possible before they depart. All photos by Max Santeusanio. Alaska, The Sunshine State. Scoping the scene. Packing it down. Ready to film. Don't do it in the park! Clayton Vila throws down anyway. Cam Riley drops next. Killa Cam Riley. More to come.

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