The Modern Era Of Ski Wear : Print You Own Brands

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This might be the season when you are heading towards the slopes. You might have decided to find what the others sees in skiing as this also can be your first time skiing or snowboarding. But, you need to dress so that you stay dry and warm, enjoying the trip to the slopes as you know that its hoing to be chilling cold out there.

Let’s just face the fact that in sub zero mountain temperatures, an anorak and a T-Shirt is not sufficient. The price for getting gear wrong is not something to be taken lightly jokes apart! The price of insufficient mountain protection might be more than jusr a few shivers with temperatures reaching 40 degrees below in January.

So, this is where all started when I decided on leaving for North Downs ridge this year. Gearing up for everything starting for snowboarding to skiing, borrowing everything from my friends and relatives, and I think, the only thing which was mine was my undergarments. But, there was something new in my suitcase was my new printed ski wear which I personally bought this birthday from same day printing London shop for making the best out of this trip.

I contacted this branded wear to see if they would be interested in having me test this new ski wear, after having a great experience when I tried their Thermoball Hybrid Hoodie least year when I took a trip to the Alpines and thank God it turned out to be perfect.

The main thing which struck my mind at first was some of the aspects of this ski wear:

  • Do they provide comfort?
  • Were they completely waterproof?
  • Whether they would keep me warm or not?

I was astounded to find that the ski wear delivered at its best. It was a lot more comfortable than i thought it to be. I juggled for the normal size and the fit was surprisingly perfect. I could wear a lot of layers underneath its winter jacket.

The wear was so comfortable that it kep me nice and warm without it being too heavy to carry myself around. It also kept me dry, so I could play with the snoball without getting wet. The following were the features which were available with my wear:

  • The hoodies which comes with the wear can be tightened around your head by simply pulling the elastic strings and it is so big that a hat can fit perfectly well underneath it.
  • You can even pull up the sleeves of the kacket over your thick ski gloves as they are wide and long. Snow would not be able to get in there and there is no draft which is coming through it as they also have this nice little “inner sleeves” that fits in quite well.
  • You can even keep your smartphone in its inner pocket and even your passport.
  • There are even arm-pi-air-conditioning zippers.

When coming to the pants of this skiwear, they are of three types: Tight Fits, straight fits and relaxed fits. I love to wear skinnies when I want to look a bit more decent types.

They really keep you warm and being waterproof they are the best to go with. The following are certain aspects of these pants which I loved the most:

  • The adjustable waist velcros and their baggy fit, they stayed on well.
  • I could pull them over my snow boots and no snow could get in as they inner trousrs ended in an elastic.
  • They also have zipped pockets where I could store anything I wanted too.

The nice prints on these skiwear astounded me and I highly approve of them. The options which are available now in getting the best prints ever they are simply the best!

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