The Remote Tordrillos Range of Alaska

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Tordrillos AK. Feb 20, 2007. TGR's Dirk Collins and Todd Jones pop the cherry on new unexplored terrain in the remote Tordrillos Range of Alaska. Atheltes Dana Flahr, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Erik Roner and Jeremy Nobis flew via bush plane into the new Chugach Powder Guide outpost to confirm rumors of endless peaks and unmatched big mountain riding. Todd Jones reported into to TGR headquaters this morning with this little nugget: 'I have said “A+. In the movie” a few times for sure. There is some wacked shit available. Nobis looks for the place with no line on it and then tries to find a way down. (Dirk) Collins got some nutty shot from the magic flying machine today on some big game lines.' Dirk also reported in 'We need film! Todd and I have shot about 15 rolls each so far and we have not even gotten into the heavy shit. Please send us another 20 rolls via Fed Ex to CPG tomorrow.' Needless to say that's a very good sign from a production standpoint. Check back later for more on the Tordrillos trip and check out the shoots in TGR's 2007 film 'Lost and Found'!

** Tordrillos Lodge Our New Home for 3 Weeks**

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