The Results are in: 2009 V.I.O. POV of the Year Contest

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The Results are in: 2009 V.I.O. POV of the Year Contest
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa handpicks top POV ski/snowboard submissions

Jackson Hole, WY (August 2009) — After reviewing dozens of submissions recounting bottomless powder on amazing terrain all over North America, the winners of the V.I.O. POV of the Year Contest have been named. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, winner of 2009 BEST POINT-OF-VIEW VIDEO by Powder Magazine, evaluated entries on the basis of skillful cinematography, wild landscapes, creative angles and, of course, killer skiing and snowboarding.

“After years of working with various POV set ups I have found that there are many factors that go into a sick shot. Cameras turn off, batteries die, lenses get fogged, angles can be too high or too low, an annoying speck lands on the lens... the list of potential botched shots goes on and on. But when it goes right, you can take your audience for a ride, and relive that amazing experience, that view, that feeling of the moment,” Sage reflected. “Thanks to all the rippers who posted their viewpoints for this contest, I had a blast getting into the zone and am looking forward to the 09/10 ski season with new POV inspiration.”

The Results are in: 2009 V.I.O. POV of the Year Contest

This year’s contest was sponsored by POV camera specialist, V.I.O. Inc. and administered on TGR’s newly re-designed website “We were psyched to see the huge response to this contest,” Clint Slack, Marketing Manager at V.I.O. said. “By using to interact with our customers, we’re able to achieve an outstanding degree of engagement and brand communication.” is one of the leading action sport websites in the world. The site boasts more than 300,000 unique visitors and over 5 million pages views every month. Constantly updated with fresh video, industry news, and community content, boasts extremely high levels of audience engagement; the average visitor spending over 9.5 minutes per visit on the site, compared to the 4.5 minute average web-wide. Todd Jones, Co-Found of TGR, said, “Our site has always pushed toward meaningful interaction with our audience. The video contest with V.I.O. is a perfect example of how a successful co-branding opportunity with can benefit our audience and their brand.”

Winners of the 2009 V.I.O. POV of the Year Contest:

1. Provo
“The Provo video had sick angles that were creative and gave me an exciting perspective on hitting lines and riding powder; there was great light, the video traveled through sick terrain, cool landscapes, skier and snowboarder, shredding in the mountains.
- Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

2. Mindset of the Future
“Mindset was awesome. These guys used the cam in a lot of unique ways, with all the different mounts they captured a unique view of the action. They set the scene with a cool vibe that was full of tree ripping, air sending, chute railing, madness.”
- Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

3. Koma Kulshan
“Koma’s video had the sickest vibe about riding with your bros, not to mention big airs, flips, pillows, wild landscapes.”
- Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

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