The Sammy C Project Soundtrack

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We heard your demands, so here it is- the soundtrack for The Sammy C Project! We included as many songs as were available on the internet; some parts of the movie were originally scored (sick, right?) and others are by artists who've elected to not post their work on Spotify or SoundCloud. Big thanks to all of the artists - The Sammy C Project wouldn't have been the same without their talent!

Enjoy the tunes!

Floaty Pow: “Think Standard” – VY*

Intro: “The Drive” – Andy Sorge**

Sammy’s Bio: “Bad Moon Rising” – John Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival

X-Games: “Runnin” – David Dallas

Injury: “The Crash” – Andrew Sorge/Scott McKay Gibson**

Mt. Hood (Part 1): “Volcanoes” – Andrew Sorge/Scott McKay Gibson**

Mt. Hood (Part 2): “100”- Ratking

Pow Seg Intro: “Hypnotists” – Aviation Weather* & “Fractal” – The Echelon Effect

Pow Seg: “History of Man” – Amanaz

Michigan Intro: “Bloody Monday” – Skalp (Available on SoundCloud)

Michigan: “Like an Eagle” - Andrew Sorge/Scott McKay Gibson**

Michigan: “To the Moon” - Andrew Sorge/Scott McKay Gibson**

Alpine Jumps: “I Know (Jon Hopkins Remix)” – David Lynch

Tree Jibs: “Big Tree” – Stand High Patrol

Alaska Intro: “AK Intro” – Andrew Sorge/Scott McKay Gibson**

Alaska: “Veil of Isis” – The Sword

Mt. Hood 2 (Intro): “Obscuration” – Aviation Weather*

Mt. Hood 2 (Part 1): “When the Lights Go Out” – The Black Keys

Mt Hood 2 (Part 2): “Love In Peace” – Mod Era (Available on SoundCloud)

Credits: “Gold Rum” – John Lazaroff and David Vanacore*

Credits: “Old Room”- Daniele Sciolla

*The tracks from VY, Aviation Weather and John Lazaroff/David Vanacore are not currently available through Spotify or SoundCloud.

**All tracks by Andrew Sorge and Scott McKay Gibson were original scores written specifically for The Sammy C Project (cool, right?), and are not currently available on Spotify or SoundCloud. Sorry!

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