The Spine Institute - Blast From The Past Season 2 Episode 5

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In anticipation of the drop of the Higher trailer on Nov. 6, this episode of Teton Gravity Research's web series Blast From The Past takes a look back at the first film in the Jeremy Jones trilogy, Deeper. After a seven day storm, dropping eight feet of snow, the clouds finally break allowing the crew to explore the zone they dubbed The Spine Institute, while dodging avalanche debris at the same time. TGR's Blast From The Past web series will take you back in time to revisit some of our favorite film segments from 15 years of action sports filmmaking. From shredding Alaska spines set to Metallica to surfing El Salvador's endless beaches, Blast From The Past is your one stop for TGR's greatest film segments.Get Old School And Rip In Blast From The PastClick Here To Buy DeeperDrop in for more on Higher:Facebook:

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