The Story Behind Kai Lenny's Goofy Looking Surfboard

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While the rest of us do just fine with good ol’ foam and fiberglass rigs, some people are out there shredding waves on some strange looking boards that look like they're levitating: hydrofoils.

A hydrofoil board features tech that started out in boats. The hydrofoil lifts the hull (or board, in this case) out of the water, decreasing drag and allowing for higher speeds. Laird Hamilton was one of the first to apply the tech to surfing, and discovered the foilboard’s capability to harness swell energy with a jet ski tow-in.

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These boards take some serious balance and skill to ride, and Kai Lenny is certainly the right guy for it. After surfing one wave, Kai kicks pumps the foilboard back out to catch another wave. “The sensation of paddling into one wave—but having the ability to ride two—is by far the best sensation I’ve had in surfing in a very very long time,” Kai says.

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