The Story Behind TGR's First Fantasy Camp

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After countless seasons in Alaska, TGR's athletes were longing to see what was beyond the heli-boundary. First descents and fresh spine lines lay just over the next horizon, but how to get to there? The answer... Fantasy Camp, a small town of walled tents set up deep in Alaska bush, the perfect base-camp for any group of skiers and snowboarders.

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What followed was a good old-fashioned tee off session, with athletes like Tim Durtschi putting together a segment worthy of Powder Video Award.

This year, TGR turns 21 years old. To celebrate, we're resurfacing TGR founders, Todd and Steve Jones', favorite moments from filming over the last 21 years—the moments that made TGR what it is today. One video a day until the world premiere of our new film "Tight Loose" on September 17 in Jackson, Wyoming.

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