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Exams, homework, books, unorganized professors, and skiing. The life of a full-time student is stressful. It doesn't matter what school you go to, what you're studying, or how "smart" you are. If you are a full-time student, or even a part-time student, you will experience stress in some shape or form. What do us students do about it? Well the most common go to solution is to simply take a break.

Here at UVM (The University of Vermont) skiing is easily one of the biggest stress relievers for the student body. Unfortunately, here on the East Coast we don't get the snow that can carry us through Spring Semester exams. Luckily, however, I am involved with a dedicated team that absolutely loves to shred. We call ourselves the UVM Free Skiing Team. Stowe mountain resort, being our home base, closed about two weeks ago leaving us with some patchy snow and leveled jumps closer to the base. Each year we commit ourselves to one more awesome day of skiing as a team before we accept the warm and sweaty library study sessions.

What this day includes is a bunch of outgoing, outdoor loving, fun having kids who boot pack the bottom section of Stowe to the remaining pile of snow that once was a decently nice 45-foot booter. Throw a new lip on that bad boy, add a few side kickers and even a PVC rail, and you have a good old jam session. De-stressing to some PBR, great friends and a jump to send some tricks off of is the ultimate pre-exam festivity.

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