The Teton Gravity Research Stock Footage Library is Now Available to the Public

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Jackson, Wy - 8/10/10 - Action sports film production icon Teton Gravity Research is vastly increasing its focus and efforts on stock footage sales. The TGR film library contains over 20,000 hours of the world’s finest action sports footage. Content includes aerial cinematography and point-of-view perspectives, and showcases the most cutting edge technologies, such as the RED Cinema, Super 16mm, HD and some of the only 3D ski footage currently available.

Video content is a key component of any successful internet marketing strategy. It is quickly becoming the go-to media over text or photography for engaging audiences and customers.In this new world of video, companies and brands must leverage compelling content to engage viewers, build audiences and generate brand awareness.

High quality content is unfeasible for most businesses to produce. Even with the necessary resources, most companies do not have the right expertise to create it. TGR stock footage can save you lots of time and money, resulting in significant increases in ROI and more effective resource allocation.

Clips of our footage are sold throughout the world for a wide array of programming and commercial use. Some past clients are Nissan, Jeep, Sony, The Discovery Channel, Powerade, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The American Cancer Foundation, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, The Weather Channel, WGBH, Nike, Salomon, The Learning Channel, Moose Head Beer, Oakley, Eurosport, BBC, and Apple Computers.

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, TGR is the world's premiere action sports entertainment company. Through innovative production techniques and unrivaled adrenaline sport experience, TGR captures, celebrates, and brings to life the boundless passion and enthusiasm associated with elite action sports. TGR provides an insider’s look at the inspirational life style that is an essential part of action sports.

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