The Ultimate Surfing Trip Packing List

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If you're heading on a sun-filled thrill ride of a surf trip this summer, first of all, good for you! Secondly, you will need to pack all the right gear to make your trip a success and not a misery. Check out this list of all the things you'll need on your next surfing vacation.

Surfboard and Accessories

It won't be much of a surf trip without your surfboard, but don't forget to pack some spare leashes and fins, if you are able to change them on your board. Leashes seem to always break at the worst time, and you don't want to lose your board in unfamiliar waters. Similarly, if there are no board rental options, a broken fin can derail a surfing trip in less than a second. Make sure to bring everything you may need to keep your board in tip top shape.

-Surf board




Water and Snacks

Surfing takes a lot of energy and effort. And out in the hot sun, it is common for lovers of the sport to become dehydrated, which can be dangerous and uncomfortable. If you are unsure about how much water you need to drink daily, try a hydration calculator. The last thing you want is to be out on the open ocean and suffer from energy loss, dizzy spells, and faintness because you have not nourished your body.

-Bottled Water or Contigo for refills

-High protein snacks

-Carb snacks for energy


Toiletries provide the most comfort on a trip away from home. Lacking the essentials like toilet paper, a toothbrush, your allergy medication or your contact solution can make your vacation pure misery. One item a surfer should always pack is sunscreen. Scientists recently discovered that surfers, like most beach-goers, are three times more likely to develop skin cancer. Harmful melanomas can be prevented easily with sunscreen and covering up a bit.





-Contact solution and case, or spare glasses and case

-Vitamins and medications



-Hair comb or brush, as well as hair ties


Chances are, you will be spending some of your surf vacation out of the water. You will need non-beach clothes like t-shirts, shorts, pants, and plenty of fresh underwear. Pay attention to the climate of where your surfing trip is taking place. It may get extremely cold at night and you will need to prepare the right clothing.

-Fresh underwear for every day


-Shorts and Pants

-Sweater or Hoodie


-Shoes and Flip Flops



First Aid and Ding Repair Kits

According to, the most common injury a surfer can get is open cuts from their boards, or colliding with another surfer or the ocean floor. A first aid kit will save you a lot of trouble out on the beach while waiting for medical professionals to arrive. And a ding repair kit is an essential if you are bringing your own board. The ocean is full of jagged rocks that will bang up your board if you lose contact with it in a powerful wave. You don't want to damage your board on the first day and be out of luck the rest of the trip.

Beach Gear

Believe it or not, one of the most forgotten items that vacationers leave at home is a swimsuit. In addition to this, you will need a few other items specific to the surfing and the beach, like a wet-suit if the water is cold, a rash guard, a beach towel, and a sun hat or umbrella.

-Sun shirts


-Beach hat



-Garbage bag for wet, sandy clothes



You will undoubtedly remember to bring your phone on your trip, but don't forget the charger. You may also need batteries for cameras or other devices you and your friends choose to bring. These are very commonly forgotten items when people leave for a long trip, surfers included. And don't forget some extra cash, just in case you need to purchase a new charger or other spare item at your destination.


-Chargers and adapters

-Laptop and chargers if applicable



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