The Unlinked Heritage of Snowboarding

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"You can't experience the summit without first experiencing the foothills." - Alex Yoder

This short film from Patagonia seeks to showcase a small sub-culture in the mountains of Turkey. In Petran people have been snowboarding for almost 300 years. This tradition cannot be traced to a specific origin, except a couple of unverified tall tales. Regardless there is this small community in these mountains that have independently embraced sliding down a hill sideways.

This story is superbly told by Jackson-based production company WRKSHRT, with Alex Yoder taking the role as the steady, thoughtful narrator. Its difficult to have an athlete pull off a narration, but Yoder accomplishes this with steadfast competency.

Although the trip was an attempt to discover a new unknown, it ends up being a thoughtful narrative on escaping the tyranny of our modern, connected world

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