The Wave Pools are Coming! The Wave Pools are Coming!

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Over the weekend, while the surfing world's collective attention was turned to the California desert to watch the first-ever WSL Founder's Cup of Surfing live at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch, another landlocked, man-made wave decided to break the internet: The BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas.

With a coordinated announcement on Instagram pushed by surfers like Jamie O'Brien, the BSR Cable Park debuted its new collaboration with American Wave Machines much to the delight of surfers everywhere. The new wave promises to have the ability to change size and shapes to suit whoever is surfing it, delivering everything from barrels to airs to beautiful, crumbling waves perfect for power hacks.

Hawaiian wunderkind Seth Moniz recently decided to put the wave put the wave to the test by launching an absolutely ridiculous air off of it. If his experience is indicative of what to expect from the BSR going forward, Waco might soon be invaded by an influx of surfers as if they were a longer-haired, tanner version of the Branch Davidian.

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